Children’s Home

Our Amadeus Children’s Home opened its doors in March 2010. Since then eighteen children, all from different ethnic groups as well as from various regions in Kenya, have been given a warm reception.

We have tried to equip their new home in an appropriate way for children and to create an atmosphere which allows the children to grow up without worries. Four children share one room. Our big common room offers facilities for cooking, dining, playing and studying.

 In our garden there is a large area where children may romp and play to their hearts’ content. After a long school day they need to let off steam. So far we have organised a slide, a swing, a sandpit and even a seesaw. And our kids are obviously more than happy!

 At the moment we are constructing an additional building, which is going to give us more storage and two multi-functional rooms as well as sufficient dry space during the rainy season. There our children will be able to do their homework and play together.

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