Monday, 15 April 2013

Chicken House

Since January we are planning to build our house for keeping chicken.
Now we are almost done. Only the cement around the door frames has to dry. Then we will place the doors. The area is fenced and within the next days our first animals should move into their new home.
We are planning to have 50 chicken so that we can eat 5 per week and have 30 eggs.

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Rainy Season

The begin of the rainy season is the right time for planting. Our boys love cultivating their own shamba (vegetable garden). They did well with their small portions so we thought we will surprise them and organized someone to come and plough with them one acre on our other side.

The next days we will be planting maize there.
Even the small kids came, watched and helped. It was a great experience for everyone and our children learned how to plough, sow and harvest in a few weeks.


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