Saturday, 7 September 2013

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A new puppy for the kids - a companion for Teddy

Since Teddy had been guarding our big compound alone since a looong time we wanted him to have a comrade.

Caroline went to Nairobi and found this cute, three month old puppy. The brother from the first litter looks like the dark copy of Teddy so the decision was made to buy the dog.
After washing, vaccinating, checking and feeding it, Caroline called the children in Diani and asked how the new dog is supposed to be called. Their choice was Jessy.


It will stay for one month care in Nairobi and will return together with Caroline begin of October to Diani. We will keep you updated how the kids and Teddy will react on its arrival.

Pictures of Teddy and Jessy >>

Monday, 2 September 2013

Makemba Academy

Our young children had their first day at a new school today.

The destroyed fire at Mekaela, the damaged Kindergarten unit that had not been finished yet and the big number of pupils per class caused the transfer to Makemba Academy.

The conditions at Makemba are perfect due to a maximum of 15 children per class, especially for our older boys that started schooling late and have to catch up a lot. Some are already 10 years old and supposed to be in class 4 but are still struggling in class 1.


Only our three oldest boys remain at Mekaela and will definitely stay there until the end of the year, which is also the end of the school year in Kenya. Then a decision will be made with their best interest at heart.

More information abour Makemba Academy >>

Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Kids!

Last week we got a call from a catholic sister who told us about 4 boys that needed to be rescued. The mother was admitted to hospital due to insanity and also shoed violent behaviour against the children and their grandmother who tried supporting them. She broke the grandmother’s arm and one child had head wounds. The mother will not be able to care for the children in the future, neither will their father. In cooperation with the social worker and Children’s Department we agreed to admit them.

The first days they were shy and refused to eat and shower. The smallest was afraid of the shower but his age mates could finally convince him it is fun. And the next days they started eating as if there were no tomorrow :-) The visit at the hospital for a thorough check-up and blood test was a special experience. Luckily the tests are all negative and the children are healthy.
Now we will give them time to get used to the new environment until begin of September. Then two of them will start going to school. The others are still too young.

We also need to create more space in the home. Our carpenter from Diani Children’s Village came and we ordered two more bunk beds. We are now caring for 14 boys and 7 girls. That means from now on only girls can be admitted at AMADEUS.

We are grateful to have them and happily watching how they are changing and becoming more open and curious every day. We will keep you updated!

Football Field

During the last football games we realized that our sand was blown away during the last years and that it was not fun anymore to run and play on the field.

Mike ordered two lorries of sand and the caretakers spread the material together with our big boys today. The kids had fun and loved using the wheel barrow and now we can invite the children from the village and other homes again for games!


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Seat Repair

Our reed-seats are already three years old. Because of the kids and the dog (he likes resting there during night and rain and we gave up chasing him) they were used heavily and needed some urgent repair.

We wanted to show you how they transported them for welding. One Tuk Tuk with 3 chairs and 4 sofas :-)


Monday, 15 April 2013

Chicken House

Since January we are planning to build our house for keeping chicken.
Now we are almost done. Only the cement around the door frames has to dry. Then we will place the doors. The area is fenced and within the next days our first animals should move into their new home.
We are planning to have 50 chicken so that we can eat 5 per week and have 30 eggs.

All pictures >>


Rainy Season

The begin of the rainy season is the right time for planting. Our boys love cultivating their own shamba (vegetable garden). They did well with their small portions so we thought we will surprise them and organized someone to come and plough with them one acre on our other side.

The next days we will be planting maize there.
Even the small kids came, watched and helped. It was a great experience for everyone and our children learned how to plough, sow and harvest in a few weeks.


We uploaded loads of pictures in our photoalbum that is for supporters only. If you are a sponsor and don't have access yet please write us an email

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New books for the kindergarten

After we had spread the horrible news we received so much sympathy. Thanks to all our trusty supporters!

We were able to replace the books for the kindergarten. Kindly have a look at the school's thank-you letter, pictures and the receipt.

There are still a lot of materials and equipment missing. We will ensure that all donations for the school will benefit our children’s education. Ahsante sana (Thank you so much)!


Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Today the Diani School Kindergarten visited us. Their weekly motto is "family" and yes, we definitely are a huge kenyan family.

The children played together and had lots of fun.
We are looking forward to seeing you again! Feel welcome any time!


Friday, 15 February 2013

Our school burned

On February 4th Lulu High School was completely destroyed by fire within less than an hour, as well as parts of adjacent Likunda Primary School.

Our children are attending the Kindergarten and Primary School at Mekaela Likunda (Logitech) Primary. Luckily nobody got hurt!

This was the Kindergarten unit ...

 ... and the "Dining Hall" ...

Read about that horrible incident and help to rebuild the school >>