Wednesday, 29 May 2019

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Music Festival 2019

Our children are participating in the Music Festival 2019 with their school Makemba Academy.

 Yesterday they had a performance at a local school and won in all categories (poems, dance and songs). We are so proud! Well done!

They will soon perform in Lunga Lunga at County level.


Seminar for our Amadeus Staff

Three teachers came from Nairobi Waldorf School and held a seminar on "Creative Discipline" for two days. The staff also learned a lot of new things to do during free time with the children.

What is discipline?

Discipline is not the same as punishment. Instead, discipline has to do more with teaching and involves learning how to respect others, what acceptable or unacceptable behavior, with a goal of helping to develop children who feel secure and loved, self confident, self disciplined and know how to control their impulses and who do not get overly frustrated with the normal stresses of everyday life.
In our society the word discipline can be seen as being harsh and rigid, which should not be the case!


Saturday, 7 September 2013

A new puppy for the kids - a companion for Teddy

Since Teddy had been guarding our big compound alone since a looong time we wanted him to have a comrade.

Caroline went to Nairobi and found this cute, three month old puppy. The brother from the first litter looks like the dark copy of Teddy so the decision was made to buy the dog.
After washing, vaccinating, checking and feeding it, Caroline called the children in Diani and asked how the new dog is supposed to be called. Their choice was Jessy.


It will stay for one month care in Nairobi and will return together with Caroline begin of October to Diani. We will keep you updated how the kids and Teddy will react on its arrival.

Pictures of Teddy and Jessy >>

Monday, 2 September 2013

Makemba Academy

Our young children had their first day at a new school today.

The destroyed fire at Mekaela, the damaged Kindergarten unit that had not been finished yet and the big number of pupils per class caused the transfer to Makemba Academy.

The conditions at Makemba are perfect due to a maximum of 15 children per class, especially for our older boys that started schooling late and have to catch up a lot. Some are already 10 years old and supposed to be in class 4 but are still struggling in class 1.


Only our three oldest boys remain at Mekaela and will definitely stay there until the end of the year, which is also the end of the school year in Kenya. Then a decision will be made with their best interest at heart.

More information abour Makemba Academy >>